Our Company

   Max vision S.R.L. was founded in 2003 with the aim of growing and reaching a worldwide market, offering excellence in quality of pharmaceutical products.

   The following are some of the product lines Max vision has developed:

   All of our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and accomplish the specific requirements of each of the markets we are supplying. We will continue to guarantee and supply this excellence in professional practice both to the medical community and to patients.

   Every year we expand our market to more countries, and in 2011 we are exporting to: Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Central America, and the Caribbean. We aim to shortly be exporting to south American countries where we aren´t yet doing so, and to several countries in Africa where in 2011 we have been establishing the first contacts which promise new and great perspectives in this wonderful continent.

   We will continue growing. We will go on learning, enthusiastically, with inspiration, dedication and pleasure.

   Our market is the world, and we are going after it and every bit of knowledge that will make us grow personally and professionally as a company.


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